26 May 2014


Ahoy storywriters! Welcome to my secluded little corner of the internet. If you stumbled here by accident and have no desire whatsoever to read my ramblings, allow me to direct you towards this delightful place instead. Go ahead. Click the link. You won’t regret it.

If you have intentionally landed yourself here on Literary Pancakes, hello! This is the obligatory introduction post I have been putting off writing. Here I can get all the boring admin-y things out of the way before getting down to writing actual content. Are you excited? I’m excited.

So first of all, my name is Becki, currently 22 years old and I am obsessed with stories; telling them, reading them, writing them, listening to them… it’s been the same ever since I was a kid. Often when I was a child, my mother would turn around (to her dismay) to find me sat next to someone on a park bench recounting our entire life story. I have had a book in my hands since before I could actually read and since I mastered the art of holding a pen I have been writing stories. Since I can remember, all I have ever wanted to do with my life is make things up and scribble them down. It’s what makes me happy, and if you’re still here reading, I’m guessing it’s what makes you happy too.

This blog will be the place where I share little snippets of ‘wisdom’ that I have picked up, give my opinions on certain techniques used by other story creators and maybe feature some of the amateur fiction I discover on my internet travels. Occasionally I may share some of my own work, in a desperate bid to conquer my fear of having actual human beings read my stuff (yes, I realise how counter-productive this fear is for an aspiring author). 

The majority of my writing time will actually be divided between two other ventures. First off, finishing my first novel which has been ‘in-progress’ for about six years. Secondly, writing content for my pet project Infected Bytes, a new-media narrative in the form of a fictional zombie blog… more about that here if you’re interested. But whenever I have something to say on a certain story writing topic, this is where it will be. 

I hope what you read here will be interesting/entertaining/useful as appropriate. If you disagree with any of my opinions and want to have a (respectful) debate about it, don’t be afraid to comment. I love hearing the thoughts of others, especially on the topic of story writing. 

I’ll leave you with this tweet from one of my university tutors, which made me laugh. I’m sure you can relate…

Happy writing!


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