14 August 2014

36 Thoughts Writers Have When Preparing to Write

Every writer has their process. This is mine.

God help me.

1.  I’ve got a free writing day! Finally, some time to really hit that keyboard!

2. Oh, the washing up needs doing. Can’t create a masterpiece in a dirty home!

3.  I’ll just get myself a drink in case I get thirsty so I won’t have to break my flow of creativity

4. And maybe a snack

5. You know what it’s about time for lunch, let’s get that out of the way now

6. Darn, I’ve no mayonnaise. Can’t have a sandwich without mayonnaise! I’ll just pop to the shops

7. Might as well do the week’s shopping whilst I’m out. No point making two trips after all

8. Do I need more cereal?

9. I always need more cereal

10. Okay I’m back! Will just unpack the shopping and then let’s get down to business!

11. I’ll just have that sandwich first

12. And I need another drink

13. Look at all these junk emails I keep getting, it’s really about time I unsubscribed to all those pointless newsletters

14. Hahahahahaha that goat screams like a human… wait how did I get on YouTube

15. Write damnit!

16. Christ a blank work document is scary

17. Like a rectangular ghost trapped in the coding of my laptop...


18. Hey that’s a good idea… I’ll add that to the ‘Ideas’ document for later

19. Look at all these ideas! I’m clearly a genius author

20. Although I do already have quite a lot of half-started masterpieces on here

21. I’ll just read through them. For inspiration purposes

22. Oh god did I really write that

23. This is terrible

24. Why am I even bothering

25. I should give up and try a different way of expressing my creativity to the world

26. I wonder if I’m secretly a top notch break dancer?

27. OUCH. I am not secretly a top notch break dancer

28. Is that what time it is?! I best get started or it will soon be…

29. I’m hungry again.

30. You know, I work best in the evenings anyway

32. Come on write

33. Write!

34. Wriiiiiiite!


35. You know what, my head is clearly not in the right state to create today.

36. I'll try again tomorrow. Netflix!


  1. Just finished a sandwich. Now my coffee--darn, it's cold! Got to reheat it. Maybe I should get dressed... Oh, what the hell!

    1. I bet Jane Austen had the exact same problems...