19 September 2014

Writerly Emotions, as told by 'Modern Family'

This show is a goldmine of reaction gifs. I know this, because I recently binge-watched seasons one-through-five.

Don't judge me.

When trying to sell yourself in a query letter.

When someone insults your word-baby.

When someone tries to lecture you on getting a real job already.

When you have an amazing idea that no one else seems to appreciate.

When writing cliff-hangers.

When you lie in bed questioning your future as an author.

When you try something risky and readers like it.

When you send someone important a draft of your story and realise it’s riddled with typos.

When chatting with fellow book nerds.

When you drag your struggling writer’s ass to Starbucks for a caffeine hit.

When someone tells you that writing is a no-money game.

When you’re pretending to know all about characters in a book you haven’t actually read.

When you get really into an emotional scene you’re writing.

When stalking fellow authors online to discover their secrets of success .

When you tell someone your career goals and they ask if you're joking.

When you try to write something subversive and clever and it doesn’t quite work out .

And finally… when the pressure starts to get to you a little. And you begin to crack.

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