28 October 2014

WriMo Diary #2: Toolkit

I'm not sure if I'm excited or nauseous for NaNoWriMo to begin. Probably the latter.

With only four days to go (FOUR DAYS TO GO), here's a list of things I foolishly believe will foolproof my road to victory and 50,000 words...


Writing Buddies

Partner up with a friend IRL, join your home region on the NaNoWriMo.org forums or organise write-ins with participants in your area. However you choose to connect with other authors, they can be a great source of support when you're tearing out your hair and considering burning your laptop. They're going through the same thing as you are. And they will listen to you bounce ideas around because you will be able to do the same for them.

Old-school writing equipment

Notebooks, flash cards, pens, highlighters, fancy stickers... basically everything on your 'back-to-school' list from when you were ten. Staring at your laptop screen for hours at a time whilst writing is likely to give you eye-ache at the very least, so taking some time to scribble things down on paper may provide a respite whilst keeping you going. Also, make sure you have a small notebook and pen on hand during the day in case inspiration hits. Don't tell yourself you'll remember it later. You won't. You know you won't. Write it down. 

Ample snacks

You'll want these on hand whilst you're writing, to avoid "I'll just pop to the fridge" breaks every fifteen minutes. I tend to snack quite a lot whilst working on long pieces of writing so I'd suggest healthy snacks and a bottle of water for the most of the time. Nothing wrong with rewarding yourself with a bag of chocolate towards the end of your writing session though...

Writing Schedule, including regular breaks

My last WriMo Diary entry was about how I scheduled my time for November, giving myself realistic word count aims for each day, depending on any prior commitments. During the days where I only have a goal of 500 or 1,000 words, I'll probably just aim to get them done in one sitting. For the longer goals, I intend to write pretty much solidly for 45 minutes, then have a 15 minute break for replenishing snacks, checking Twitter and maybe even getting some *gasp* fresh air. This will hopefully stop me dithering around on the internet when I'm supposed to be writing. Hopefully. 

Story Notes

Whether you've got a folder full of colour co-ordinated plot arcs, character maps and background stories or half a napkin with "clowns??" written on it. Keep them on hand to refer back to should your inspiration wither up like a forgotten piece of fruit.

Anything I've missed? What can you not go without during the hectic writing month of November?

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