13 November 2014

WriMo Diary #5: Approaching Halfway

So I’m feeling pretty proud of myself right now. I fell behind on my NaNo word count after a weekend away (which was accounted for in my timetable for November, so that’s not too worrying) but managed to catch up by blasting out 4,500 words on Tuesday. Back on track and even ahead of schedule!

Yeah, I took a photo. What of it. 
I’ve actually had to force myself to post a blog update, as I’ve been so carried away with my actual novel that the thought of writing something other than that was a little annoying… but at the same time, the fact that I’m so pumped to write it is amazing!

My current total as of last night is just over 22,000 words. This is the most I’ve ever written on a single story, usually either keeping them short or petering out around 5,000 to 10,000 words. I’m pretty damn excited about the fact that I’ve hit this total and am still up to keep going.

Aside from how helpful it’s been to use the writing app yWriter, motivation to write has also come from the Manchester WriMos Facebook group. Now, I understand the possibility that not everyone lives in Manchester… that’s okay. You can find and join your own region on the NaNoWriMo website, and see what kind of social media they have in place for you all to stay connected.

I get several notifications a day from this group, with members posting various updates, pleas for inspiration and questions about their writing. Having somewhere to go when I want to scream about the fact I hit 20k makes it even easier to push for those word goals.

I also attended a write-in the other week, with fellow masochistic writers pushing for the 50k. We spent a total of four and a half hours in Costa Coffee, guzzling sugary drinks and tapping away on our laptops. Every now and then someone would wander over, make a quizzical typing motion in mid-air to make sure they were in the right place, and we would welcome them to our little huddle of authors. Again, the ability to look up at any point and say how you were doing, talk about your plots and generally bounce ideas around was brilliant, and I got 3,000 words done that day.

This is around the time (second week, approaching mid-way) that we tend to hit a bit of a wall and motivation slumps. It’s already been happening with those in the Manchester group (although others are steaming ahead!) and personally I’ve started to get a bit worried about where to go with my novel next. It’s what every single NaNo pep talker and supporter says, but it’s true; JUST KEEP WRITING. Even if you think it’s utter rubbish, even if you know you’ll have to rewrite most of it in the edits, even if mind-reading aliens stole into your bedroom last night and extracted all your best story ideas… just keep going! I’ve discovered over the last couple of weeks that there’s nothing more motivating than watching that word count stack up.

I’m in for some major editing sessions come December, but that’s what it’s for. Bring it on.

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