4 February 2015

A Little Life Update

This is your 6-12 monthly update that I have, once again, moved house. Sincerely hoping I won't be packing up everything I own again for at least another year...

If you've ever moved, you'll understand why my priority over the last couple of weeks has not been blogging... no, I've been doing much more fun things like ringing utility companies, sorting out contracts and packing/unpacking everything I own. 

I've started a new job and it's a lot better than my last. For one, I don't have to say "Good afternoon you're speaking to Becki how can I help you?" every 3-5 minutes. For another, there's a full size TARDIS in the office and I can snack at my desk. I come home feeling tired but happy, and a lot more motivated to work on my own stuff. 

I've been lucky enough to have a couple of great guest bloggers providing content while I've been busy with silly life things. I have another left to post later this week, and would love to hear any other ideas from anyone else who'd like to guest post! Though hopefully soon, they will be alongside my own posts again.

Keep writing!

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