7 February 2015

Characters of Temperance [GUEST POST by Ichabod Temperance]

I am thrilled to have this guest spot on Literary Pancakes!


I thought my little contribution towards the writing arts would be about my supporting characters.

I have a confession to make. I did a bad job with them in my first novel. I have my two main characters, myself, Ichabod Temperance, and my lovely, gracious, kind, and beautiful, co-hort, er, muse, Miss Persephone Plumtartt. Most of the other characters would just make brief appearances and then disappear. I decided that with the second novel, and from then on, the secondary characters would have a more vibrant role in the books.

It did not take long before my supporting cast was outshining my heroes. I don't mind Icky and Persephone taking a back-seat now and then to such lovable people! I then realized that by putting my primary characters in the role of underdog, that it actually worked to make them more likable. They may have been lacking in faults at first. Making them a little dim at times has given them a lot of charm. My own character has grown more inept and oblivious with each book. Even the ever brilliant and fearless Persephone Plumtartt takes a false step once or twice in the later volumes.

When starting a book project, I like to think of all the different characters that I plan on using and then imagine myself as a movie director, casting my friends to play the roles. I find that having real people in mind is a much easier way to bring my cast to life. There are a few reoccurring characters in the books, though I enjoy taking advantage of my ability to cast the same person repeatedly, but in different roles. from one book to another. I love taking advantage of that opportunity! I feel like I am directing movies, and I can re-cast the same actors in different roles from film to film, or in this case, book to book. One of my pals has been a snobby club owner, a super-hero vampire, Caribbean Island Calypso dancer, and is now an honourable young Samurai warrior. Sometimes, I will approach the person involved and tell them about the character. I might then allow them to come up with their own name to use. I guess that in a way, I am hoping that fans of the books will pick up on my little tricksies and recognize familiar faces in different roles.

One odd thing, though, is that it has been some of my friends on the internet that have proven to be my best focus of inspiration. As some of these folks live around the country and around the globe, I have not met some of them, physically, face to face. However, I think that distance allows me to imagine them as the ideal version of the particular character I need. I have a bigger than life impression of them in my mind, that few in real life can measure up to.

There you go, another blog post stack of hotcakes, dripping with sticky, Icky, sweet, syrupy goodness.

Cheers to my fellow Literary Pancake eaters!

Your pal,

{The previous blog post is a complete fabrication. Any similarity to persons living or dead in my silly little books is purely coincidental. Honest.}


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